On behalf of Epping County Council

Guidelines for home to school transport

It is our policy to build a positive relationship with both student and parent with good communication at the heart of what we do.

Journeys are made more pleasant engaging in conversation, playing music and game playing.

A2B Contract Cars Ltd are only required to provide transport within the details of the contract issued by Essex County Council.  No deviation from this instruction should take place. Below is a list of requirements as per contract.

  • No stopping on route for fuel or any other reason. Ensure your fuel tank is adequate for the journey.
  • No diversion on route except to avoid heavy traffic.
  • No providing confectionery, food or drink without prior written permission of the parent/carer.
  • No other persons should travel in the vehicle other than the ones specified within the contract.
  • No other addresses should be used as a collection/drop off unless instructed by A2B Contract Cars Ltd.
  • Any delays to the transport times should be notified to the parent/carer.
  • No communication with the service user outside transport should take place.
  • No smoking whilst in the company of a student or on school premises or in your vehicle.
  • In the event of a break down, during transport, please notify A2B Contract Cars Ltd so that another form of transport can be arranged for the students. All students to remain in the vehicle unless it is unsafe to do so. If needed, guide the students to a safer place and remain with them at all times.
  • If a parent/carer is not present at the point of drop off, you are to contact the parent or A2B Contract Cars Ltd and wait for fifteen minutes. Other students in the vehicle should be dropped off first where possible, for the driver to return to the original destination. The last resort is to take the student to the local police station.
  • Maximum wait when collecting in the mornings is 5 minutes at each address. This is to avoid being late to school.
  • No student is to enter another student’s property.
  • Do not leave students unattended at any time.
  • All primary school students to be collected/dropped from the school reception.
  • Acknowledgement from the parent/carer that the student is under adult supervision is required before driving away from the property or destination.
  • If the driver is given medication for any student, it is to be kept away from all students during transport and only given to a teacher/parent/carer.
  • Student possessions to be kept to a minimum within the seating area.
  • No mobile phones to be used whilst transporting students without the use of hands-free. No person is to make audio recording or take pictures.
  • If any inappropriate behaviour is experienced during transport, the driver is to pull over in a safe place and make contact with the school, the parent or A2B Contract Cars Ltd. If serious misbehaviour occurs, our last resort is to take the student to a police station.
  • Vehicles should be kept clean and litter free
  • Drivers should report unmanageable behaviour of students to A2B Contract Cars Ltd as soon as possible to avoid it escalating. A2B Contract Cars Ltd will talk to parents / school and ECC

A2B Contract Cars Ltd – Employed drivers only

  • Company vehicles are only to be used for contract work. Prior permission is required for any other purpose.
  • Drivers must notify A2B Contract Cars Ltd if they have any pending prosecutions for driving convictions or any other convictions