A Potted History

In 1994, Philip Hudson moved to Epping from Sunderland.

He began working as a driver in the taxi industry, and very quickly realised that this area would become home for him.

He worked extremely hard, working first for Bassett Cars for 5 years between 1994-1999, then he branched out on his own and called this venture “Phil`s Car Service”. He had a business unit at Epping Dene in Ivy Chimneys, and soon had his first private school contract. As he enjoyed carrying the children to school, he investigated the possibilities of being able to get more involved in Home to School Transport.

During this time he began to build a larger customer base, and many customers from “rival” Epping companies were starting to use “Phil`s Car Service”, but all the while, he was investigating, researching and planning how he would get more heavily involved in school contracts.

5 months after starting the business up at Epping Dene, he was dealt a crippling blow from Epping Forest District Council, who said they would not be able to give him planning permission for the Office at Epping Dene, even though when he started they had said that it would not be a problem.

He was forced to abandon his unit at Epping Dene and along with it Phil’s Car Service. So, he approached Peter Jones, who was the owner of Lawlor Car Service.

Peter agreed to allow Philip, his brother and the two drivers that were working for him at the time, to work at Lawlor Car Service.

Philip worked as a driver at Lawlor Car Service between 2000-2005, then the company was sold to Roger Dove. When Roger took over the company, Philp began to do a lot of controlling in the office and was asked by Roger if he would manage Lawlor Car Service on his behalf. This he did for a year, and it was during that year that Philip realised it had the potential to provide the platform that he needed to be able to start working on behalf of Essex County Council performing school contracts.

Philip subsequently made Roger an offer for Lawlor Car Service which he accepted, and in 2006, he won his first School Contract for Essex County Council.

Matthew Flowers was originally a night driver at Lawlor Car Service, in whom Philip recognised great potential, and he managed to secure his services, due to this and with his help, both Philip and Matthew have grown the business to where it is today.

The rest, as they say is history.